Social Responsibility

Feisty Gal Studio grew out of the love of socially aware fashion, the power of the female entrepreneurial spirit, and creating opportunities for the badassery of the modern non-traditional woman.

Our products are ethically and environmentally sourced, printed with premium eco-friendly inks on ultra soft materials. To produce the highest quality garments with eco-friendly inks, we source all products from the US, so we can continuously check for production quality.

We are damn proud of our business model and socially responsible practices. We believe in providing living wages for all of our employees. Each product from Feisty Gal supports the employment of at least 14 women. Purchasing from Feisty Gal means you are ensuring a women's entrepreneurial and financial success. 

Giving back is part of our core values. A portion of our proceeds will go to support women’s domestic violence shelters and women’s leadership funds. Supporting women recovering from domestic violence and seeking leadership opportunities in their communities, empowering mothers to pursue their dreams, and providing living wages is the mission of Feisty Gal Studio. This is my dream, and I hope that you will support me in fulfilling it.

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