This year the hottest Halloween Trend is thankfully NOT being a cultural appropriating jerk. There are so many articles and social media posts decrying sexy Pocahontas, oblivious Blackface, and the whole range of transphobic costumes. 
We wanted to offer you and your girl squad a few fun alternatives to being a complete jerk this Halloween 2018. 

1. Pink Ladies

Grab your squad and some pink bomber jackets for the modern take on the Pink Ladies. Of course, leave the trash Danny Zuko at home and be Rizo, baby. 

Staying home? Check out our 'Get Your Filthy Laws Off Our Silky Drawers Graphic Sweatshirt' to bundle up with some apple cider and a spooky ass movie. 

2. Mean Girls

Is butter a carb? Can we just talk about how Regina George was Keto before Keto was a thing!? I am shook. Comment below with your favorite Mean Girl quote! 

3. Chiquita Banana Babes 

We love this colorful, fun-filled group costume. Plus, you get a snack on your drunken Lyft ride home! 


4. Feisty French Gal

This is the absolute perfect last minute costume for feisty gals on the go. Grab your favorite striped shirt and some killer high heels for a quick and easy girl on the go outfit. 

If none of these work, go be a bottle of Sriracha, and stop being a racist. Happy Halloween!