Last week was a doozy. 

We know that smashing the patriarchy is a ruthlessly tiring adventure. We have compiled eight quick tips that will help any feminist get through this next week.

1. Treat Yo’ Self 

You deserve that cheesecake, an after-work nap, and of course, any red wine you can get your hands on. Cheers, girl.

2. Say No.

Say no to men who dismiss you. Say no to women who are complicit with what is happening to the world. Say no so you can say yes to yourself! 

3. See the Beautiful Things 

See the beauty in a federal investigation, see the beauty in the wave of women who are politically engaged, and see the beauty in solidarity in women across our nation.

4. Mobilize to Dismantle The Oppressive Systems That Keep Us Entrenched in Anti-Women Sentiment...

FYI, the 2019 Women's March is January, 19th. See you there! 

5. Let Go of Other Peoples Opinions

Did Joey (or any other bland, no hot sauce using dude) from High School write an unintelligent post on Facebook dismissing sexual assault victims?  Block and delete that kind of negativity.

6. Encourage Your Friends to Register and Get Out to Vote

The 2018 mid-term elections are in the hands of women. Get your cute ass up, go check your registration online, and commit to voting after brunch on November 6th. Check out more information on the women who are running this election! 

7. Go Pet a Dog

Go walk your dog, don’t have a dog. Go walk your upstairs neighbors, you already know that it is still awake. While you are at it, please donate to Charleston Animal Society and Greenville Humane Society.  These two shelters were impacted by Hurricane Florence. 

8. Support Women-Owned Businesses

 Of course, we want you to support Feisty Gal! However, when you actively support small women-owned businesses you are making a last impact on the women's rights movement.


Feisty Gals, personally, I am exhausted from the shit show that was the Ford- Kava-nope testimonies. We hope that you got a laugh out of these self-care tips. Most important to the women's movement is the health and safety of its members. Go forth and get an extra hour of sleep, and I will see you on the front lines.