On our VERY FIRST (Yay!) post in a new storytelling series, we welcome Brit Young, Feisty Gal Studio Brand Ambassador. Brit bares her soul to her story with friends of Feisty Gal. 
Trigger warning: There is a discussion of toxic relationships and mention of rape in this article.  


Brit Young, Trophy Wife to Feminist

By Brit Young
I grew up being told my looks were my biggest attribute. I have been with many people who echoed those same messages, but with one it was to another level. With him, I couldn't wear tank tops that were “too low cut”, I had to chop my hair off and dye it blonde, I was told my boobs needed to stay the same size (which, how the hell do you even control that??) and the list goes on and on. He solidified my upbringing and treated me as the trophy wife I was supposed to be. 

 But then March 2013, I was raped by a friend we knew. After a job relocation, moving, and rehab treatment I was forced into thanks to said boyfriend, I finally left him. I was out of control, wanting to claim my body as my own but also damaging myself in the process. A couple of months into this vicious cycle, I met someone who challenged the idea of me being a trophy wife, and it 100% shook me to my core. Legitimately the concept that you could love someone by their personality more than their looks was not an experience I ever had.
I began slowly changing my looks to how I always wanted. I remember my first tattoos were so looked down upon to my parents, but it was essential to my self-growth. I refused to follow trendy clothes and strictly wore what made me feel the most comfortable: soccer-related tops and yoga pants. I stopped caring about wearing makeup every day or hiding my damn breakouts.
But the absolute biggest thing I wanted was to change my hair.
You see, since I was 13, I loved the idea of women with buzz cuts. I remember mentioning it once to my family, and it was quickly hit with homophobic remarks. That didn’t shake the idea out of my head though.
In 2015, I finally got the courage to get an undercut, a.k.a. shaving 2/3 of my hair off. It was the single most healing and courageous thing I did. 
Thanks to the bravery of Millie Bobby Brown and her inspiration, Charlize Theron (bless that queen), I finally got the bravery to go full buzzcut. 
My life legitimately has not been the same since. I stopped worrying about fitting the generic mold of what a woman needs to look like. I don’t care about my weight, I get whatever tattoos I want. I’ve transformed by body into the body I have always desired, not caring about what others think I should be. In fact, I’ve made my very traditional conservative father love women with shaved heads!
Once I learned to love and be myself, I became so much stronger of a person. I’ve always believed a woman doesn’t need to change a damn thing about herself to fit societal norms, but I never followed my own advice. I still catch myself panicking when my legs aren’t smooth or if I have breakouts.
But being a feminist makes you appreciate everything unique about yourself and others, and most importantly: how to be one Feisty Gal.
Comment from Laura:
When I started Feisty Gal, I wanted to reach out and connect with women who were genuinely embodying feminist values. I got to meet Brit during the Women's March 2018 in Seattle, Washington. She is the epitome of a "Feisty Gal," and I could not be more happy that she represents Feisty Gal as a Brand Ambassador. You can be a Brand Ambassador too! Go here! 
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